Saturday, April 3, 2010

Local subversion server made easy by VisualSVN

Today I needed to setup a local subversion repository for a personal project.
Found this product It was really easy to setup and I was up and running in minutes.

In visual SVN server manager, right click on top node, VisualSVN Server. Under network tab I set server name localhost, port 8443, but I think any free port will do.

Make a repository by right clicking on repositories and selecting Create New Repository (that's just one of many ways to do it.)

I used subversion authentication so a user needs to be created also. Right click on Users to do so. You will use this user when you import later.

I use Tortoise SVN client. In windows explorer go to folder of the project you want to put into SVN right click and in Tortoise SVN menu use import. In the dialog enter URL of your local repository (you can get that if yo click "Browse" in VisualSVN manager). Usually you want to import into "trunk" folder, but that discussion is beyond this blog entry. After the import is complete you can now checkout a copy from the repo. So I moved the folder I just imported to a different place and did a checkout in it's place from repository.

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