Saturday, August 2, 2008

Strange behavior, objectid() method in component.cfc

So I was working on something OOP :-). And I am trying to use Hal Hellms BaseComponent.cfc that all CFCs that don't extend anything should extend. For the purpose of this post I reduced it to two methods:

The way I was using it is I included it into ColdFusion component.cfc that all CFCs extend by default:

So I also make test CFC and a cfm page:

When I run cfm file and expend the dump output I see following:

As you can see the objectid() method is missing.

Now I remove the include from component.cfc and make my test component extend BaseComponent

Run cfm again and get following:

Now objectid() method is seen in the dump.

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Jamie Krug said...

As discussed, the problem is related to a naming conflict between the setting of variables.objectID in the pseudo constructor code and the function named objectID -- ColdFusion hold function names in the variables scope as well. I'm not exactly sure how this works in some cases but not others -- seems to have something to do with the cfinclude processing in this case.

If you learn more details, please update this or post a follow up, as I'm curious to know exactly why this works when extending, but not with the cfinclude of the BaseComponent.cfc. Thanks!