Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ColdFusion development on Ubuntu 8.04 - part 2

Picking up where I left off with setting up ColdFusion development on ubuntu. I decided to give VirtualBox a try. it's better to download one from the site. I used the binaries download link, not the OSE version. Install is pretty smooth I just double-clicked on the file and debian installer came up.

After that I setup and installed Windows XP virtual box. Had to do it twice since first time didn't give it enough space. Second time gave it 30G.

Installed MSSQL 2005 and restored a database backup.

So far so good. So now I need to connect to this database from host ubuntu (the windows xp in virtual box is referred to as "guest").

The best instructions that worked actually were in the VirtualBox help files.

I added another network adapter to my virtual XP and made that one HIF:

Run ipconfig in virtual XP to find the IP and that's the IP I used in ColdFusion admin to connect.
Remember to enable TCP/IP in SQL for connection:
Start-Programs-MS SQL Server 2005-Configuration Tools - SQL Server Configuration Manager - SQL 2005 Network Configuration - Protocols for MSSQLSERVER

Now I might need to make the IP permanent somehow, but I am very pleased that it works the way it is so far

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