Monday, July 14, 2008

Mach-ii sub-application - part 1

Sometimes it's handy to make a sub-application in mach-ii. Config file gets rather large rather quickly at times. One thing to understand is that sub-application is not a completely stand alone app. It relies on the main application. Mach-ii 1.5 introduced modules and includes so some of the issues of breaking out large chunks of configuration and code that are solved with those.

However one use case just came up where I wanted to have only part of the application to have SES URLs. So by breaking out this new part of the application into sub-application I could reuse layout and user tracking from the main one but use new SES properties (also introduced in mach-ii 1.5) in subapp. I think I could also put common properties, event-handlers, listeners, e.t.c into an include that way duplication of code will be minimal.

I am going to demonstrate this in the next post.

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